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Hixih Rubber Industry Group founded in 1989. Hixih seizes the historical opportunity of China's reform and opening up,adheres the High-end, High-quality and High-efficient development direction, and follows innovation-driven, opening up-driven and large project driven as the development strategy. Hixih had become an International, diversified and innovation-oriented enterprise group leading in rubber industry and also involved in electricity generate, new energy, metal products, bio-engineering, real estate development, health care, capital operation and etc. Now Hixih’s products are shipping to more than 100 countries globally.
Hixih target on the best in the same industry, adheres the philosophy of built own strength through absorbing the advanced technology from world’s ultimate manufacturers. Hixih built joint ventures with world’s fortune 500 company including Pirelli from Italy, Goodyear from US, Carlyle Group from US, Continental from Germany and Bekaert from Belgium. Developed an exclusive philosophy as improve itself using outside reinforcement, fission by opening up and exchange development using shareholdings. Hixih won the full confidence and highly recognized by partners with a win-win cooperation. Only Pirelli itself invested more than E1.5 billion in Hixih factory in these years and it ranks in the front line of the investment projects in China from Italian companies.
As an international high performance tire manufacturer and high end conveyor belt manufacturing enterprise, Hixih group is committed to provide comfortable and safe driving experience for high-end car users and professional solutions on material handling system for global customers. Pirelli tire is mainly used for world famous upscale vehicles, while Goodyear conveyor belt is widely used in multiple industries as coal mining, metallurgy, electricity, ports and constructions. Sticking to the innovation driven development strategy, Hixih group has built an open innovation system with university-industry cooperation, upstream and downstream integration, and domestic & foreign linkage to make the research and development (R&D) ability reach the leading level in the same industry of the world.
Hixih adheres to the spirits of craftsman and unswervingly focus on the real economy, continuously upgrade high end manufacture ability. Facing the fast economic development of domestic vehicle industry and the thorough boost of supply side structural reform, Hixih group has launched Roadone as a local brand to build a first well-known Chinese tire brand with both international brand background and local technical strengths, realize the development from “made in china” to “created in china”.
Hixih group dedicates to the socioeconomic sustainable development and take social responsibilities through a series of actions. In response to the national call into the medical and health system reform, they strives to improve the local medical level by taking advantages of their financial power and high level management in order to serve people with higher level of medical services. They also establish Hixih charitable fund for the aid of education, vulnerable groups and exceptional natural disasters.
There will be a more open world in the future. Hixih Group strives to create a rubber product manufacture base in the world with high-end technology, high-end products and highly innovative industrial products with their partners. They also strive to impulse the development of the industry and believe that they can make greater contributions for realizing the greatest revival of “Chinese Dream”.

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