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Environmental protection and energy-conservation

Hixih group insists the principle of treasure the environment, create civilization, develop harmoniously all the time in the course of pursing fast development. Environmental protection facilities form a complete set and put in place before all the projects are putting into operation. Never influence the living environment of the residents around. Chairman Mr Niu. Yishun emphasizes that the enterprise should bring benefit to the people, or we will stop the projects.

Hixih group pays attention to resource saving and environmental protection, carries out the harmonious coexistence policies of enterprises and the surrounding environment conscientiously, build up the circulation economic system with characteristic of rubber industry progressively. Over fulfill the energy-conservation goal every year. On the source, the group company adopts equipment and technology which featured with energy-conservation, environmental protection, try the best to save energy in the process of production. The unit energy consumption of our two main products, tyre and conveyor belt, are below the national standard and industry sector standard. Our company has realized no effluent for ten years, The comprehensive utilization ratio of industrial solid wastes keeps in 100% ,Waste gas, noise are far lower than the national standard. Hixih park occupied 3000 Mu areas, the proportion of virescence has got 30%, has awarded as advanced enterprise in city and province.


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