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Charitable programs

Hixih group insists on the principle of dare to be the first to achieve great feat and reciprocates the society. The group has contributed money to reach 7 million yuan totally for the social public servise since many years for help disadvantaged groups, education etc.

Hixih group creates a new mode as unification of village and enterprise, unites three villages nearby to set up Xin Maqing party committee, invests more than 100 million yuan to built high standard community, it has saved 2000mu area. Group company visit the elder over 60-year-old and give them subsidy during Spring Festival, Mid-autumn Festival,and the Double Ninth Festival, it has reached more than 500,000 yuan totally.

The new development mode created by Hixih group has reported in the program of CCTV 1 News Broadcast as top news on March. 26. 2006. It set up the example of new rural construction of the country. In 2008, Hixih group was named excellent responsible enterprise of Shandong province. Our chairman Mr. Niu Yishun was honored as advanced charitable individual of Shandong Province.


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