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2009 January-May rubber industry slowed down the economic situation decline

   According to the China Rubber Industry Association, tires, tires for powered vehicle, hose tape, products, latex, carbon black, comprehensive utilization of waste rubber these seven chapters, 216 members of business statistics, January to May rubber industry and the economic situation in the first 4 months compared to signs of improvement, a gradual slowdown in the growth rate slowed down. Total industrial output value of a total of 64.777 billion yuan, 6.4 percent decline, decline over the previous 4 months slowed by 2 percentage points; export delivery value of 15.91 billion yuan (not including the carbon black industry), fell 16 percent, 10 percentage points decline slowing; Sales revenue of 64.667 billion yuan, 7 percent decline, decline slowed 2 percentage points; a total profit of 293,200 yuan, an increase of 38 percent, an increase of 21 percentage points to raise; total profit and tax of 33.8% year-on-year growth (excluding the carbon black industry), increase of 14 percentage points to raise.
  Looking at the rubber industry as a whole, 1-5 month economic performance is still a the situation of low stabilization, but translated into a positive direction, the situation remains grim.
  At present the whole industry should continue to enhance the capability of independent innovation as the goal, to accelerate the development of patterns and structural adjustment as the main direction of capital growth, and strive to create new advantages, improve overall competitiveness and ability to resist risks.


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