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Tire industry is expected to be published the access condition by the end of the year

  Commissioned by the Department of Public Works letter, China Rubber Industry Association (hereinafter short for China Rubber Association) June 29 held a Technical and Economic Committee tire expert group meeting, the tire industry to negotiate the access condition, it is expected to be published by the end of this year.
  According to the Association of Rubber Technical and Economic Committee director,   Mr. Zhao Wenquan introduced that in this March they started to develop a plan to revitalize the industry, the Department on access issues on many occasions, proposed to formulate a clear access condition to the tire industry, and hoped that the end of this year could be published. It is reported that access will involve products, projects, product recall, supervision and management, among them environmental protection and energy conservation will be the important indicators of emission reduction.
  China is a big tire production and consumption country, the global tire production output accounts for about 1 / 4 of the world, in 2008 350,000,000, of which 260 million radial, meridian rate of 75%. However, the large number of tire companies, low industrial concentration, serious products homogeneity and high value-added products. In addition, the proportion of China's tire exports up to 45%, two out of raw materials and markets, so that the tire industry in the international market not only by the impact of sluggish demand, but also experienced by the pressure of international trade protectionism, China's tire industry by foreign countries against the anti-dumping, countervailing, special protection for the increasing number of cases under investigation. The healthy development of the tire industry is facing a major challenge to the implementation of industry access delay.             
  The Secretary-General of China Rubber Association, Deng Yali said that the global financial crisis let the tire industries see more clearly the problem of their own, only reasonably make the access condition, industrial restructuring advice and "December 5th" plan, they could ensure the healthy and stable development of the tire industry. Honorary President of China Rubber Association, Ju Hongzhen said that the entry threshold of the tire industry is very important, and its access conditions should be consistent with industry "December 5th" rubber industrial restructuring plan and a combination of guidance, and taking it into account the development of related industries to develop. It is understood that ‘Rubber Industrial Restructuring Guidance’ is forthcoming, ‘the tire industry “December 5th”Guidelines for Development Planning’ has started the development work.


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