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In 2009 the world's natural rubber output decline

 According to the European Union Tire Association, representing the world's natural rubber production in 93% of the seven major rubber producing countries, rubber production continues to decline.         
 May 2009 data shows that four months ago in Thailand natural rubber production fell 22% to 107.175 million tons. Affected by various factors, including climatic factor, decline in export demand and replanting measures, Malaysia in the first 5 months rubber production fell 28% to 47,333,000 tons. Replanting and reducing rubber production measure have a greater impact in Vietnam, January-May rubber production in Vietnam compared to the same period last year fell 22 percent, to 11,036,000 tons. At the same time, India in the first 5 months rubber output also declined by 9%.
 The world's major rubber producer sharp decline in output, at the same time, China and Sri Lanka rubber production is increased. China's annual natural rubber output growth of 138%, the first five months increase of 2.4 times to 5.367 million tons. Sri Lanka in the first 5 months natral rubber output up 10% year-on-year to 5.16 million tons, despite a decrease of tapping area of 2000 hectares.


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