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The first 7 months of imports of natural rubber in Guangdong ports maintain a moderate increase

Influenced by hanging upside down of the domestic and international natural rubber prices and domestic car hot sales situation, in the first seven months of imports of natural rubber, Guangdong ports maintain a moderate increase. According to Guangzhou Customs statistics, in 2009 from January to July, in Guangdong ports imported 87,000 tons natural rubber£¬increased by 1.6% than the same period last year (below), of which the private sector imported 18 thousand tons, a substantial increase of 48.6%. Since the second half of 2008, influenced by the world financial crisis and the international crude oil prices dropped sharply the impact of foreign markets, natural rubber prices dropped. Data shows that this year, the average price of imports through the port of Guangdong 1413 U.S. dollars / ton, down more than 30%, equivalent to only 9600 yuan / ton. Over the same period the domestic price of natural rubber purchasing and storage 14.7 thousand yuan per ton, significantly higher than import prices, the price gap between domestic and foreign markets spurred a huge enterprise imports enthusiasm.
In addition, as the domestic economic policies carried out, the gradual implementation of the ten industrial revitalization plan, particularly in the automotive industry, the introduction of planning as well as national export tax rebate rate adjustment, so that the downstream traffic, and construction-related industries with natural rubber signs of recovery, in particular the situation in the first half of the domestic car hot sales, greatly boosting the growth in demand for natural rubber.


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