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China natural rubber imports from January to September increased 1.1% year on year to 1.31 million tons.

From: Shandong Rubber Industry Association
China's General Administration of Customs released October 14 preliminary data shows that January to September in 2009, China's imports of natural rubber (including latex) 131 million tons, compared with 2008's 1.29 million tons over the same period grew by 1.1%, an narrow increase. In September, natural rubber imports of 16 million tons, more than a small increase of 6.7%.
The data also show that from January to September China's import of synthetic rubber (including latex) 1,115,676 tons, compared with 1,023,410 tons in the same period in 2008 increased 9%, of which the imports in September increased 17.12%to 157,519 tons.


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