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As the surge in demand, the Thai rubber prices will rise higher and higher

According to Thailand "World News" reported that the Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand Office of Agricultural Economics, the Secretary-General Abhisit said, the United States, European Union and Japan, the rapid recovery of automobile tire industry, with China and India's automobile tire industry has continued to grow, stimulating Rubber prices tend to rise in 2010, in particular, stop tapping in the 2010 period, to reduce the amount of plastic juice market, will result in significantly higher rubber price. According to Rubber Research Institute report, April 19, 2010, Songkhla central market of smoked rubber prices up to 118.25 baht per kg, higher than the end of March 2010 105.78 baht per kilogram, and forecast to continue for up to end of the year. With international crude oil prices affect the price of synthetic rubber increased costs, leading to increased use of natural rubber.


April 12, 2010, Songkhla central market of rubber kg reduced to 112.66 baht from 113.97 baht, with the price of crude oil futures market, the central Tokyo and the appreciation of the yen fell slightly, but only temporarily, on the whole rubber prices in 2010 no impact.


Rubber price trend continued to rise, and farmers are satisfied with the average price of rubber in 2010 being 100 baht per kg, higher than last year's average of 58.47 baht per kg. Thai rubber exports in 2010 estimated 280 million tons, up 0.28%. The global economy started to improve, coupled with erratic weather, to reduce China's rubber output, resulting in increased demand for rubber in China. Estimated 2010 domestic rubber use is about 373,000 tons, an increase of 3.61%.


President of Thai Rubber Manufacturers Association said in 2010 tend to reduce the amount of plastic juice market, so prices, coupled with increased demand for the automotive industry rubber will drive up the price of rubber in 2010, have the opportunity to more than 100 per kg baht. However, the rubber export estimate would reduce by drought and water shortage, resulting in reduced production of plastic juice. Tapping with rubber farmers too much, plastic rubber tree juice reduction, so they requested that farmers must be strengthened plastic rubber plantations management, and to maintain a high level of rubber price. Also ask the Government to increase the intensity of supervision of the baht to avoid over-strong currency will affect the export of rubber.


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