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Hixih developed real economy firmlyWang Yihua inspected Hixih Group

In the afternoon of August 2, Jining Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Yihua, Secretary-General Li Changsheng, Yanzhou District Party Secretary Wang Hongwei inspected Hixih Group. Hixih Party Secretary Niu Yishun and Chairman Niu Teng hosted Wang Yihua and his team.
Wang Yihua has visited the Lu Tong tire factory and Shenzhou tire project construction site. During the visit, the party secretary Niu Yiishun introduced the party building work of the enterprise. Chairman Niu Teng introduced the situation of enterprise development and new project construction. Wang Yihua highly appreciates the innovation and the development of the real economy. He hope that the company will adhere to the concept of high-quality and high-efficient development, lead China innovation. Vigorously implement management innovation, technological innovation, product innovation, and actively participate in international market competition. Set an good example for the city's economic development.
Since this year, Hixih group takes the chance of repaid development of China domestic automobile industry and supply side structural reform, invest nearly 6 billion yuan on the high performance tire again by its two subsidies--Shenzhou tyre and Tongli tyre. The projects use the world leading equipment and technology to produce self-owned brand high performance tyre, middle and high truck and passenger tyre which are more suitable for the Chinese market, try to from take "made in China" to "created in China" by creating Chinese tyre first-line brand with international brand and localization technology background. Two projects started construction in March this year, just four months, has built a high standard modern plant of 300,000 square meters. At present, the construction into the final stage, is preparing to install the equipment, fully showed the "Hixih spirit" and "Hixih speed."
Wang Yihua fully affirmed the development of Hixih Group. Hope that other enterprises will take Hixih as an example, earnestly practice the new development concept, seize the opportunities to develop real economy firmly, achieve success in the fierce market competition, provide strong support to achieve "two comprehensive" goal.


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