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Hixih Group and National Rubber & Tire Engineering Technology Research Center achieved strategic cooperation

August 31 morning, the Hixih Group and the National Rubber & Tire Engineering Technology Research Center held a strategic cooperation ceremony, the two sides will thoroughly implement the provincial and municipal governments new and old tactical conversion strategy requirements, with cooperation in science and technology research and development, achievements, personnel training and other aspects, jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of China's rubber tire industry.
The former director of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Qingdao Municipal Committee, vice mayor, national representatives, Qingdao University of Science and Technology Professor Wang Xiaofang, national rubber and tire engineering technology research center executive vice president, senior vice president of China Rubber Industry Association, Chairman Yuan Zhongxue, Yanzhou District Secretary Wang Hongwei, Hixih Party Secretary Niu Yishun delivered speeches in cooperation ceremony. Hixih Group Chairman Niu Teng was hired as a member of the National Rubber & Tire Engineering Technology Research Center Technical Argumentation Committee, the company was identified as the central experimental plant.
Party Secretary Niu Yishun first introduced the development of the group company. Hixih Group has adhered to the high-quality and high efficient development direction with strong combination of open and cooperative development strategy, cooperate with a number of Fortune 500 companies to enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises, has accumulated a wealth of technical reserves, Cultivate a group of outstanding talents. In recent years, Hixih Group seize the opportunities, adhering to the "artisan spirit", focus on the real economy, investment in the construction of its own brand of Lu Tong tire project to promote the Chemical Industry Innovation R & D Center project, further Enhance the high-end manufacturing capacity and independent innovation capability, to achieve high-end, high quality and efficient industry 4.0 transformation and upgrading. Hope that through cooperation with the national rubber & tire engineering and technology research center to break the long-term foreign brands on China's high-end tire market monopoly situation, to introduce more suitable china-made products for the Chinese market.
Mr. Yuan Zhongxue fully affirmed the development of Hixih Group. National Rubber & Tire Engineering Technology Research Center leads the development trend of the industry in the high-performance tires, tire sets of equipment and systems, rubber, other new materials and other technical fields with strong talent and technological advantages; Hixih Group has formed a prominent advantage in the rubber industry, the two sides have a common development vision and a wide range of cooperation space. In the future, the National Rubber & Tire Engineering Technology Research Center will provide services for Hixih Group in terms of technology research and development, market development and help enterprises to develop a new situation in China's rubber tire industry
Wang Xiaofang expressed great pleasure in achieving strategic cooperation between the two sides. He said that innovation and cohesion is the main driving force to promote the development of the industry, hope that the two sides together to lead the industry development, integration of technology, talent, and resources, seize the opportunity to achieve upgrading and leap in rubber tire industry.
Mr. Wang Hongwei, secretary of the district party committee, congratulated the two sides for their successful cooperation. He pointed out that Hixih Group is a pillar of key enterprises in our region. it has a strong competitive edge and a wide range of influence in rubber industry. The cooperation is a big event for both Hixih Group and Yanzhou district to accelerate the development in the field of scientific and technological innovation. We will, as always, care, support and serve the development of the enterprise. Hope that the two sides deepen exchanges, work closely together to create a better future.
National Rubber & Tire Engineering Technology Research Center set up by the Qingdao University of Science & Technology and Soft Control Co., Ltd., is mainly for the rubber and tire industry, is an innovation management platform to "promote the rubber industry. Committed to" build the world's most competitive rubber tire industry chain ", mainly around high-performance Radial tire research & development and manufacturing, digital tire sets of equipment and systems, rubber and new materials development and production, key technology research & development and industrialization research.


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