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Hixih Group Took Over Yanzhou Hospital of Stomatology

To further improve the reform of Yanzhou Public hospitals, the district government decided to restructure the Yanzhou Hospital of Stomatology and delegated Hixih Group to take over the hospital in April 2017. The restructuring of the hospital has been completed after the intense work. The Group Company held the staff meeting of the Yanzhou Hospital of Stomatology in the afternoon of 18th September to report the restructure situation and the future target and task to unify thoughts and build consensus and promote the rapid development of the hospital with a brand-new appearance. Mr Niu Yishun, the Secretary of Party Committee of Group Company, and Mr Niu Teng, the chairman of Hixih Group, and the board chairman of Hospital of Stomatology, have attended the meeting. 
Mr Niu Yishun, the Secretary of Party Committee, had introduced the development situation and management philosophy of the Group company and instructed the direction for future development of the hospital. Mr Niu Teng, the chairman of board, had introduced the future management model and operating mechanism of the hospital and announced the list of members of the Council and the board of supervisors of the hospital. Mr Zhang Dahua, the director of Yanzhou Hospital of Stomatology, had introduced the restructure situation of the hospital and expressed his great pleasure to join the big family of Hixih.
Yanzhou Hospital of Stomatology is the public institutions held by the government and is a specialized hospital which combines oral cavity medical treatment, oral disease prevention, health care, education and community health service. The hospital has wide range of disciplines and owns the advanced medical equipment and outstanding experts. After the restructuring, the hospital will introduce modern management system and establish the corporative management structure such as the Council and the board of supervisors. The hospital will implement the dean responsibility system which is led by the Council and insist on the philosophy of government-led, Hixih invested, group operated and professional management. The hospital will realize greater development on higher platform and provide better public service to the society while maintain the specialized and independent entity.
Depending on the abundant capital, extensive social connections, rich experience in medical operations management, the group company will support and promote Yanzhou Hospital of Stomatology to be more powerful and professional and realize greater development on higher platform. 
The taking-over of Yanzhou Hospital of Stomatology by the Group Company has started the integration of Yanzhou high-quality medical resources. Hixih Group will continue to improve the medical segment while sticking on the development of entity economy. Hixih Group will aggressively investigate the mode of medical treatment combination and promote better cooperation with the institutions of higher learning and superior hospitals. The group company will also try to break the bottleneck restrictions of the basic medical institutions to allow the civilians enjoy better medical service locally. We will try to relieve the problem of inadequate and overly expensive medical services and provide the Hixih Mode for the Chinese health care reform.


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