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20 Million Donation To Bulid The Nursing Home To Manifest The Love Of Hixih

The donation ceremony of Hixih Group invested in the construction of the nursing home was held in the group company in 6th January. The group company has donated 20 million yuan to the Yanzhou District Government to build seven high-standard public welfare nursing homes in Yanzhou. This is a new round of donations from the group after a series of charitable undertakings such as poverty alleviation, disaster relief, education, and so on. It shows the spirit of great love written by Hixih people in charity once again.
"Care for the elderly and old people, filial piety and respect for the elderly are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation." The seven nursing homes donated by Hixih Group are located in Caohe Town, Yandian Town, Xiaomeng Town, Xinyi Town, Xinyanzhen Town ,Da'an Town and Xinglongzhuang street in Yanzhou District,covering an area of 193mu ,with a total floor area 60266 square meters and 1662 beds.The nursing home is planned and constructed according the first-class standards in China.It is equipped with perfect living and catering entertainment,medical care and other facilities.It can provide many services for the elderly ,such as living care,health care and so on.when the project put into use,it will greatly enhance the centralized support conditions in Yanzhou District.At the same time,it is of great significance to improve Yanzhou¡¯s social welfare and pension services,promote the construction of new countryside and bulid a harmonious Yanzhou.
After the completion of the seven nursing homes,the group will make full use of its own medical strength and inplement the new model of¡±combining medical and nursing care¡±to provide services such as diagnosis district.,prevention, nursing care and all-weather care for the elderly. The seven nursing homes will be located adjacent to the township health centers. The Yanzhou People's Hospital, Yanzhou Jiuyi Hospital and Yanzhou Stomatological Hospital will provide technical support for the seven township health centers and medical staff will be regularly selected to conduct mobile medical treatment and free clinics.
Niu Teng, chairman of the Hixih group, said that devoting love and giving back to the community has always been the mission of Hixih people. China has entered an aging society, and the demand for pension is increasing. Hixih Group has donated seven nursing homes for the elderly, which is not only an enterprise actively shouldering social responsibility and solving the problem of the elderly, but also a positive energy of respecting and loving the elderly to the community through practical actions. We hope that more enterprises and loving people will participate in the cause of providing for the aged, so that we can work together to make the elderly live a better life. Let the elderly live more dignity and live happier lives.
In recent years, group companies actively participate in social welfare undertakings, with practical action to practice corporate social responsibility. A 30 million yuan Hixih charity fund has been set up for educational undertakings, vulnerable groups and sudden natural disaster relief. In response to the Central Committee's call for accurate poverty alleviation, a donation of 3 million yuan was made to build photovoltaic power generation projects to provide long-term stable income for local poor households. Over 300 Tibetan poor students in Yushu, Qinghai, have been supported for a long time. Actively participated in the restructuring of public hospitals, took over a number of Yanzhou hospitals, adopted the operation mode of government-led, enterprise investment and professional management, implemented the


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