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The First Independent Brand Car Tyre Is Official Offline Of Hixih Group

The first tyre is official off line of Hixih Group Shenzhou company in the morning of 22th January.Making the new era of Chinese independent brand car tyres and opening a new journey of high quality development. Niu Yishun, the secretary of the party committee of Hixih Group, Niu Teng, the chairman of Hixih Group, have attended the tyre offline ceremony.
The annual output of 10 million sets of high-performance car tyres in Shenzhou company is 3.5 billion yuan with a factory area of more than 350,000 square meters.The project adopt the world-leading production technology of high-performance car tyres and cooperates with the top equipment manufacturers both at home and aboard to customize the proprietary high-end equipment according to the technological route. At present, it is the highest equipment level, the most advanced technology and the largest car tyre production factory with one-off factory building area in China. It represents the highest level of domestic car tyre manufacturing industry and provides the highest quality Lutong brand car tyres for the market. The project started construction on March 18, 2017. After only more than 10 months, the first-stage project was put into operation, which achieved the start-up of the year, the completion of the year, and the commissioning of the year, creating a new record for the global tyre industry.
Niu Yishun, the secretary of party committee of group company expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the cadres and staff of the Shenzhou company and all the personnel who participated in the construction of the project. He said that the high-quality and high-speed completion of the Shenzhou project once again demonstrated the cohesion, combat effectiveness and teamwork spirit of the Hixih Group. In the context of the economic downturn, we have invested 6 billion yuan in new car tyres and passenger car tyres, ranking among the top three annual investments in the global tyre industry, fully demonstrating Hixih Group's strategic vision and strong strength. The release of the first tyre of Shenzhou Company marks that China's tyre industry really has its own brand of high-end car tyres. Next, we will seize the market with high quality and cost-effective products.Let China which the largest automobile producer truly possess its own high-end tyres, break the long-term monopoly of domestic high-end car tyre market by foreign brands, and take the lead in building a world-famous brand of China's tyre industry.
Group executives, Shenzhou company cadres and staff and some international equipment manufacturer technical personnel participated in the offline ceremony.


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