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Because Of Heart, Not Afraid To Go Forward¡ªThe 2018 Hixih Group Economic Annual Conference Is Held


The 2018 Hixih group economic annual conference is held at the conference center in the morning of 2nd February. Professor Xu Xiaonian, a famous economist, and a famous expert, Mr. Ren Zhiqiang, delivered a speech at the annual meeting. Niu Yishun, the secretary of the party committee of Hixih group and Niu Teng, the chairman of Hixih group, attended the annual meeting.
¡°Because of heart, not afraid to go forward.¡± In 2017, facing the complex and grim domestic and international economic situation, Hixih group faced difficulties, pioneered and forged ahead, seized the country's major opportunities to implement structural reform on the supply side, promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, adhered to brand-driven, innovation-driven, large-scale project-driven, made remarkable achievements in the upswing against the trend, and achieved steady growth of quality and sustainable all-round development.
 Niu Teng, the chairman of Hixih group, pointed out that the economic situation is complicated, the only thing we can determine is the uncertainty of the future economy. Excellent enterprises do not predict the good or bad of the economic situation, but are good at finding development opportunities from the long-term economic trends. To hold this annual economic conference is to let everyone calm down, listen carefully to the views of economists, and think carefully about the future development of enterprises at the annual meeting.
Niu Yishun, the secretary of the party committee of Hixih group, said that in 2017, Hixih group achieved another good performance, the industrial sector turned against the trend, the three joint ventures achieved good growth, independent brand Rodone tyres suddenly emerged, production and sales increased nearly four times year-on-year, ranked among the top three single brand of passenger car tyres in China. With a total investment of 6 billion yuan, the two major projects, passenger tyre and passenger car tyre, are advancing rapidly. In 10 months, the whole process from land expropriation and relocation to the production line has been completed, and the Hixih speed and Hixih miracle have been created. Investment business has steadily increased and investment layout has been expanding. The medical industry continues to expand, the acquisition of Yanzhou Stomatological Hospital, donation of 20 million yuan to build seven "combination of medical care" high-standard nursing homes, led to the rapid development of local medical and health care and pension cause. In the new year, we should actively adapt to the historical opportunity of economic development from high-speed growth to high-quality development, firmly adhere to two "unshakable": first, unshakable adherence to strong and strong alliance, open development, fully support and serve the development of the joint venture company well. second, unshakable expansion and strengthening of independent brands to high-quality. With high quality and high performance price ratio products, it is named for Chinese tyres and won glory for China. Start a new journey of high-quality and high-level development of China's tyres, constantly meet the needs of the people for a better life, and take the lead in building Rodone into a world-famous brand of China's tyre industry, let China's largest automobile producer really own its own high-end tyres.
Xu Xiaonian delivered a speech on the topic of "economy and enterprise in post industrialization era". After decades of rapid development, China's economy has entered the stage of adjustment and transformation. The high-speed growth before this was due to the breaking of the old economic system by reform and opening-up, paving the way for China's industrialization and creating the preconditions for resources from inefficient agricultural sector to efficient industrial and commercial sector, from inefficient state sector to efficient private  sector.After years of high-speed investment growth, capital accumulation has been completed, capacity from scarce to excess, due to the existence of excess capacity, China's economy into deflation. The stage of relying on capital accumulation and investment in fixed assets to promote growth has passed, and the impetus for future growth lies on the supply side.About future economic,Xu Xiaonian maintains the L-shaped judgment unchanged, believing that the U-shaped is caused by the short-term policy, and will return to the L-shaped in the future.Innovation is the key to break through the current predicament in the post industrial era, and the hope of China's innovation lies in private enterprises. I believe that with the further development of the supply side structural reform, the future of China's economy will be bright.
Ren Zhiqiang explained the view on the future development of China's real estate. He pointed out that the Nineteenth National Congress made it clear that China is still in the primary stage of socialism and will remain the largest developing country in the world for a long time. It shows that China's urbanization has not yet ended, housing problem has not been solved, real estate is still pillar industry.China has entered an aging society, the number of households has decreased, the number of households has increased, and housing demand has increased. Prices have been in a non-virtuous cycle for most of the time before. When the market is low, stimulus measures will be taken to make prices rise. When the market is hot, it will control prices, and then another round of restart.Regarding the establishment of a long-term mechanism proposed by the central government, Ren Zhiqiang believes that it is necessary to break through the barriers of household registration and land, adhere to market-oriented, supplemented by security, to meet the needs of long-term urbanization, to meet the housing needs of all people and the needs of a better life. Regarding the general concern about the trend of housing prices, Ren Zhiqiang said that devaluation of the currency, rising prices, increase in the cost of housing construction, rising land prices, improved infrastructure and surrounding environment, the increase in the concentration of urban resources,these factors will lead to rising housing prices.
At the annual meeting, Giuliano Menassi, general manager of Pirelli Asia Pacific, and Liang Guozhong, chairman of CICC ALPHA, interacting on environmental protection, sustainable development, the impact of property taxes on house prices and individual investment options with two experts.
At the beginning of the annual meeting,participants watched the videos of Roadone tyre promotional film. Starting from the family point of view, with the theme of " Because of heart, not afraid to go forward.", the promotional film shows Hixih group's Stick to the beginning of the heart, adhering to the ingenuity, dedication and love, take the lead in building the world famous brand of China tyre industry of firm confidence and determination, emotional sincerity, imposing grand, aroused the strong resonance of the participants
The annual meeting was attended by senior executives, dealer representatives, middle-level and higher management personnel and some staff representatives of the joint venture company.


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