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Hixih Groups Leaders Give Condolences To Difficult Workers

In the morning of February 8th,by Niu Yishun, secretary of the party committee of Hixih Group, and Niu Teng,  chairman of Hixih Group, commissioned, group leaders and related workshops, department heads visited the difficult staff, on behalf of the group to send a new year's blessing and sincere greetings, send the family of the care and warmth of the service to the difficult workers and families of the hearts.
To send blessings and sincere care to show the truth. Group leader came to the car tyre factory Liu Huan, Wang Lu, with core workshop Sun Daifang, Hixih community property Wang Laifu, Tongli factory Meng Fei, Xu Yang and other difficult workers, for them to send 3000 yuan condolences to gold and rice, edible oil and other necessities of life. Every family, the leaders of the group talk kindly with the difficult workers, ask about their work and living conditions and their family's health, understand the current existing difficulties carefully, give full recognition to their hard work and make positive contributions to the development of the enterprises, encourage them to maintain an optimistic attitude and enhance their confidence to overcome difficulties, with the help of group company, will pass through the difficulties at an early date.At the same time ,urged the relevant workshop and department heads to increase their support for the difficult workers, increase assistance measures, solve their most concerned, most direct and practical difficulties, do practical work for the staff, do good things and solve problems, so that every worker can feel the warmth of Hixih family.
The difficult workers and their families who receive condolences are very grateful to the group's care and help, said that in the future will redouble their efforts to repay the group, take practical action to repay the group's help to themselves and their families,for the group's development to make greater contributions.



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