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The Spring Breeze Blew Thousands Of Trees In Bloom, Making The Night Of Hixih More Dazzling.


January 15th, Lantern festival.,the group held a large fireworks party. Gorgeous fireworks in the night sky woven a painting of flowers, dazzling pictures, doubling the beautiful atmosphere of the festival, tens of thousands of people into the Hixih industrial park, competing to enjoy the beautiful fireworks, celebrating the Lantern festival together.
Seven fifty-six in the evening,an exciting cannon sound awakened the silent night sky, fireworks bloom, fireworks gala officially kicked off. Colorful fireworks lit up the night sky, with the garden lights, beautiful, such as the shadow of the flower of the flowers in Yu Shu, in the night to reproduce the garden of the Heavenly Palace, people seem to be exposed to the colorful fantasy  world.
Under the gaze of people, gorgeous fireworks spread out brighter, yellow, silver, green, lavender, blue and pink smiling faces, the whole sky is shining. Sometimes it is blooming like peony and chrysanthemum blooming; sometimes it is like butterflies and golden dragons; sometimes it is like trees and irons. A little fire fell like a shower of stars. It seemed to be within reach. Suddenly, several fireworks rose to the sky., hundreds of red light cage out of it, lights swaying with the wind, drifting to the distance, Shining brightly with the bright moon, create a" The lights are shining, and the moon comes by. " the beautiful artistic conception, causing the crowd to exclaim. The whole fireworks show was a climax, magnificent momentum,fully demonstrated the vigorous development of Hixih group, striving upward high-spirited momentum.
The fireworks gala lasted more than 30 minutes, creating a unique fireworks effect, It presents a fascinating feast for the audience in the three aspects of sound, light and color. The fireworks show was held by a well-known professional company, Using a new type of low smoke, no phosphorus, no sulfur fireworks, fully embodies the group's green environmental protection concept of Lantern festival. It expresses the confidence and determination of the group company to striving to enter a new era in the new year, and to innovate magnificently.




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