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Fu Mingxian Visited Hixixh Group For Investigation

On the afternoon of April 10th,Fu Mingxian, secretary municipal committee of Jining city,has visited Hixih group for investigation. Li Changsheng, standing committee and secretary general,Wang Hongwei, secretary of Yanzhou district committee has accompanied. Niu Yishun, secretary of the party committee of Hixih group, Niu Teng, chairman of Hixih group, have entertained the guests.
Fu Mingxian has visited the Tongli tyre factory, the Shenzhou tyre factory and the Hixih Technology Innovation Center Project construction site, inquired into the enterprise production and management, project construction, scientific and technological innovation, market development, foreign cooperation and new and old kinetic energy conversion, and so on. He said that Hixih group has developed new ideas, has strong management capabilities, high economic returns, and made great contributions to development,for the city's enterprises set a benchmark, leading the city's economic high quality, high speed development,to fully support the advantages of such enterprises bigger and stronger, accelerated expansion.
Niu Teng, chairman of Hixih group, introduced the group's development concept, development model and future development plan to Fu Mingxian.Hixih group firmly adhere to the two "unwavering": unswervingly adhere to the strong combination of open development, do not waver into bigger and stronger independent brands, and strive to build the world famous brand of China's tyre industry, driving the Chinese tyre industry to increase the quality of efficiency, transformation and upgrading.Fu Mingxian is very happy to see that the new extension of Tong Li factory is full load production.
In the Shenzhou tyre factory, Fu Mingxian carefully look at the product display samples, carefully watch the tyre molding production process, learned that the Shenzhou tyre factory started construction last March, took only 10 months to get the first tyre off the line,a one-time construction plant area of more than 360,000 square meters, Fu Mingxian to the group company planning, high standards of implementation, high-speed promotion of the great project construction of the courage to give a high evaluation.
In the Science and Technology Innovation Center, Fu Mingxian detailed understanding of the group company center of the planning and construction and technological innovation. The group implements the "two-way closed-loop management innovation model", integrates the innovation resources of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, the partners and the scientific research institutes, and formed a combination of production and research, upstream and downstream integration, domestic and foreign linkage of the open innovation system. Fu Mingxian fully affirmed the innovative concept of group opening and cooperation.
After the visit, Fu Mingxian given the full recognition and affirmation the development achievements of the group company. He hoped that the group would make further progress and continue to be the leader of the new and old energy conversion in the city and the leader of high quality development, making new and greater contributions to the economic and social development of Jining.


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