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Hixih Group And Pirelli Create Shenzhou Together And Strive To Build China's High-end Rubber Tyres

On the morning of August 3nd, the Hixih group and the Italian Pirelli group held a joint venture signing ceremony at the Hixih Industrial Park, and the two sides jointly invested in forming a new joint venture to build a world-leading intelligent manufacturing car tyre base.Fu Mingxian, secretary of Jining municipal committee and director of municipal standing committee,Yu Yongsheng, standing committee and deputy mayor of Jining municipal committee,Wang Hongwei, secretary of Yanzhou district committee,Ma Wei, deputy secretary of Yanzhou district committee,Qu Yaowu, director of district committee and district office,Niu YIshun, the secretary of the party committee of Hixih group, attend the signing ceremony.
Niu Teng, the chairman of Hixih group, signed a cooperation agreement with Menassi, Asia-Pacific region president of the Italian Pirelli group.Jining and Yanzhou two party committees, government leaders and Pirelli Asia-Pacific region executives have witnessed the signing of the agreement.
Niu Yishun said that through more than 10 years of successful cooperation, Hixih group and Pirelli established a close, kinship relations of cooperation in the speech. Today, we are once again coming together to build the Shenzhou intelligent car tyre project to better serve the growing high-end tyre market in China. This cooperation will further enhance the company's manufacturing capability in the field of High-value tyres, enhance the comprehensive advantages of the industrial chain, value chain, service chain and supply chain, and consolidate its leading position in high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing.
Menassi represents the Pirelli group, to Jining, Yanzhou two levels of the party's government to create a good business environment and the strong support of the Hixih group of partners to express appreciation in the speech. In the 2005, Pirelli entered the Chinese market, and Yanzhou  factory has become one of the most advanced factory in the world, focusing on the production of high-performance tyres. In the future, Pirelli will continue to increase the investment in Yanzhou, will be built Yanzhou factory into a research and development, testing, manufacturing in one of the high value of the tyre industry base.
In his speech, Yu Yongsheng pointed out that the group has achieved a series of remarkable achievements since it joined the Pirelli group. Today, the two sides hold hands again, joint venture to build intelligent car tyre project, which is to optimize the industrial structure of Jining, upgrading high-end manufacturing benchmarks and expanding opening up to the outside world will play an important role in driving.
It is reported that the Hixih group and Pirelli group to cooperate again, Pirelli will represent the world's highest level of the industry 4.0 intelligent tyre production line into the joint venture, but also in the Hixih industrial park to build Pirelli Asia-Pacific region only rubber tyre development and innovation center.
The joint venture will adhere to the high value strategy, digital, intelligent innovative products into high-end and ultra high-end tyre market, to better meet China and Japan, Korea and other Asia-Pacific region of the growing electric vehicle market and growing demand for original parts business.
Pirelli group's stake in this advanced technology consumer market tyre factory will strengthen its high value strategy. The strategy regards the Asia-Pacific region as a key growth factor, including the continuous upgrading of product mix, the digitalization of production processes and the sustained attention to sustainable environmental development.


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