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Vice Governor Ren Airong Visited Hixih Group For Investigation

On the afternoon of 16th October,Ren Airong,vice governor of Shandong province visited Hixih group for investigation. Wei Huaxiang,deputy secretary general of the provincial government,Zhou Yunping, vice minister of the provincial party committee and secretary of the provincial federation of industry and commerce.Fu Mingxian,secretary municipal committee and standing committee director of Jining,Baishan,standing committee member,head of the united front work department,Wang Hongwei,secretary of Yanzhou district committee,Wangxiao, deputy secretary of district cmmittee and district governor has accompanied. Niu Yishun, secretary of the party committee of Hixih group, Niu Teng, chairman of Hixih group, have entertained the guests.
Hixih group is appointed by vice governor Ren Airong to serve the enterprise. She is very concerned about the development of the group company. During the investigation period, a special forum was held to hear the report on the production, operation and development of the enterprise.
At the symposium, Niu Yishun, secretary of the party committee, introduced the development course, development concept, industrial layout of the group company, as well as the achievements made in production and management, project construction, technological innovation and foreign cooperation this year.
After hear the report,Ren Airong set a high value on the development of the group company.she pointed out that Hixih group is an outstanding representative and bechmarking enterprise of the private economy in the whole province.Its development achievements are highlighted as new,high,solid and stable.Firstly,the new concept of development,always adhere to ecological priority,green development,continue to increase investment in green manufacturing and park environment,creat a pollution-free,zero mission,environment beauty of the ecological park,is in line with new concept of development and new and old kinetic energy conversion requirments of demonstration enterprises.Second,high quality development entrepreneurs with high starting point,a high vision,a high pattern,a high level of ambition,adhere to the start of synchronization with the world,with a number of world top 500 long-term cooperation,with a high level of opening up to promote high-quality development of tenterprises.Third,real development style,always adhere to the dry words,and focus on the real economy,not only do it.It interprets the spirit of craftsman and the concept of innovation with the actual achievements of enterprise development.Fourth,the development step is stable,paying attention to the prevention and control of corporate risks,adhering to steady operation,and strining to build a century-old enterprise,not to add chaos to the government and to shoulder social responsibilities.Its hope that Hixih group will continue to maintain a high level realm,innovation ideas and hard work style to continue make greater and new contributions to the economy and social development of the whole province.
Before the forum,Ren Airong and his accompanies visited the Tongli tyre factory,Shenzhou tyre factory,Hixih Technology Innovation center,Wire Rope factory,Steel Cord factory,Car tyre factory and Motorcycle tyre factory.During the visit,Niu Teng,chairman of Hixih group gave a detailed introduction to the specific conditions of each factory,Ren Airong fully affirmed the groups perfect industrial layout,leading production eauipment,first-class on site management and beautiful campus environment.


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