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 Liqun Visited Hixih Group for Investigation
(2017-12-14 17:25:54)
 The Chinese Biggest Single Rooftop PV Power Generation Proje...
(2017-12-06 17:22:12)
 Niu Teng Preached the Spirit of 19th CPC National Congress
(2017-12-01 17:20:46)
 The CEO of Bekaert Group Visited Hixih Group
(2017-10-28 17:15:01)
 Hixih Group Took Over Yanzhou Hospital of Stomatology
(2017-10-26 13:45:18)
 Hixih Group and National Rubber & Tire Engineering Techn...
(2017-09-01 14:20:15)
 Hixih Group Ranks Again in the List of Top 500 Chinese Priva...
(2017-08-25 16:34:15)
 Hixih developed real economy firmly——Wang Yihua inspected Hi...
(2017-08-04 17:15:22)
 Hixih invest 6billion yuan on two projects in term of high e...
(2017-06-05 17:27:09)
 Tongli passed the ISO/TS 16949 certification Obtained Intern...
(2017-03-14 11:37:18)
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