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 Vice Governor Ren Airong Visited Hixih Group For Investigati...
(2018-10-19 15:28:43)
 Hixih Group And Pirelli Create Shenzhou Together And Strive ...
(2018-08-05 09:26:24)
 Molding Workshop Won The "National Worker Pioneer"...
(2018-04-29 08:27:37)
 Fu Mingxian Visited Hixixh Group For Investigation
(2018-04-13 08:42:21)
 The Spring Breeze Blew Thousands Of Trees In Bloom, Making T...
(2018-03-05 15:21:31)
 Hixih Group’s Leaders Give Condolences To Difficult Workers
(2018-02-09 12:09:45)
 Because Of Heart, Not Afraid To Go Forward—The 2018 Hixih Gr...
(2018-02-04 11:51:59)
 The First Independent Brand Car Tyre Is Official Offline Of ...
(2018-01-23 09:26:34)
 20 Million Donation To Bulid The Nursing Home To Manifest Th...
(2018-01-07 08:51:27)
 Liqun Visited Hixih Group for Investigation
(2017-12-14 17:25:54)
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