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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy: People-oriented, Successful career with talent, In the cause to build people, Relying on staff to create excellence.
Talent Standard: High-moral, Talented, Good at thinking, Diligent
Talent Environment: Fair competition, Sustainable development
Talent Utilization: To appoint people on their merits, Suitable
Talent Incentives: Target incentive, Culture incentive, Treatment incentive, Emotion incentive
Talent Training: Establish the ideal, will and skills
Talent Upgrade: Performance, Potential, Character, Ability
Talent Retention: Cause, Treatment, Emotion, Training

‘Talent is the capital of Hixih, also is the core competitiveness of Hixih’. Respect people, research people, train people, explore people, develop people, for the talent to create a harmonious environment full of enthusiasm, this is the important element of Hixih talent strategy.
Hixih is available to provide every employee with a fair competitive environment and sustainable development. The Group is committed to train professional managers, gathered a group of talents who are good at operation and management, in possession of expertise, and can constantly go beyond themselves. At present, Hixih has more than 100 doctors and masters, and inspired by the corporate culture, they began their excellent career in Hixih.
Hixih is committed to a learning organization, with self-learning to create themselves and enhance self-worth. Let all the people come together for a common goal and work together, through an internal exchange of experience and the introduction of external knowledge, enhance their abilities, to "achieve the staff value-added in the development of Hixih goal."
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