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Yanzhou Yinhe Power Co., Ltd city is located in Yanzhou Hixih industrial park, is Hixih's wholly-owned subsidiary, responsible for the power and heat supply of Hixih’s industrial production and the surrounding residents. Yinhe Power is the power center of Hixih industrial park.
Company was founded in June, 2003 owning a generating unit with capacity of 2 × 12MW. Boilers is equipped with three high-performance electrostatic precipitators, two sets of ash transportation and storage facilities, a set of desulfurizing agent adding facility, a set of gas monitoring system, a set of noise reduction facilities and a wastewater treatment facility. All the environmental protection facilities are been operating normally to achieve the emissions standards.
In order to adapt to the rapid development of Hixih and meet the increasing demand of power and heat, the company newly opened up the new 2 x 50MW 2nd phase project in July, 2010. The project adopted the international advanced circulating fluidized bed boiler, the energy utilization efficiency increased by 35%, the investments used for desulfurization, denitration, dedusting and other environmental protection accounted for 20% of the total investment, and the project has passed the most stringent national environmental impact assessment, energy assessment and safety assessment. In January 2012, the 2nd phase project was officially put into operation which would ensure plenty power and heat supply for Hixih group in the next ten years and would also greatly improve the heating capability to the surrounding community.
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