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Bekaert (Jining) Steel Cord Co., Ltd

   BJSC, Bekaert (Jining) Steel Cord Co., Ltd (Before it was Sino Italian Wire Technology Co., Ltd, SIWT) is the leading enterprises of the high-end steel wire product worldwide, which is established by the HIXIH Group of China and the BEKAERT Group of Belgium, the leading steel wire product manufacturer.
   BJSC adopts advanced steel cord technology process of Bekaert, introduces advanced international inspection instrument and automation equipment, all the key equipment and crucial component are imported, the level for production and inspection reaches the forefront of the world. The main top steel cord products are 2+2×0.25, 3×7×0.20, 3+9+15×0.22LC, 3+9+15×0.22HC, 5×0.35, 3/6×0.35 and 3/6×0.35 and so on, it satisfies the requirement of the worldwide tire customer.
   BJSC adopts the core technology of the deformation of the steel wire and the copperizing domain. It is the global leader of the technology content, product quality and the brand influence. Bekaert has built up the cooperation relationship with all famous tire manufacturers in the world. Every four tires in the world, there is one tire used by the Bekaert steel cord for reinforcement. The innovative structure used by the Bekaert steel cord, extends the life-span of the tire, strengthens the adhesion and reduces the cost, meets the various requirements, such as the safety, energy economization and environmental protection, which is Highly recognized by most customers. 
      BJSC echoes the enterprise value ‘Better Together’, exerts the unique advantages of the joint venture fully. Relying on the market experience accumulated by the HIXIH Group in many years and the solid technology strength of the BEKAERT Group, BJSC uses the exquisite production process, prominent product quality and excellent sales service, to meet the demands of the customer and the market promptly and effectively, provide the globe level products and individuality service locally, and continuously promote the industry progress and the technology innovation. 

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