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Tongli Tire Co., Ltd

  Tongli Tire Co., Ltd.is a joint venture by Hixih Group and Italy Pirelli Group. The main products of the company are mid- to high-end industrial tires. Tongli Tire is located in Hixih Industrial City of Yanzhou District, Jining City.
   Tongli Tire Company uses “Roadone” brand, founded in 2003. With the production and technical support form Pirelli, together with the profound understanding of domestic customer demands of Hixih Group, "Safe, durable & powerful "brand concept was put forward to produce mid- to high-end industrial tires, which will be more suitable for Chinese market. Perfect quality assurance system and leading R & D capabilities together make perfect quality of Roadone tires. Roadone will be the premium well-known Chinese tire brand with both international brand technology and local superiority. Multiple products are available to fully meet the different needs of customers, including mid- and long- range lorry tires, mid- and long- range heavy load tires, short- and mid-range tires, mining tires etc. Roadone Tire owns characteristics of environmental protection, safety and refurbishment. Based on new recipes, new structures and new tread design, Roadone Tire reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, achieves higher mileage and low wear while ensuring the driving comfort and safety on complex road conditions.
  Tongli Tire Company adheres to high quality, high standard and high performance targets. All the key equipment were imported from the world class tire equipment manufacturers, and customized in accordance with the production process of special requirements. The Italian Pirelli provide technical support in industrial tire production, together with HBW - Hexa bead wire, FRC - high penetration steel cord, 3SB - three Sandwich belts, DTLC - dual layer tread compounds etc make the tire more suitable for the unique design of Chinese road conditions. Network control technology is adopted in production management. With outstanding advancement, applicability and usability, the product quality can meet the DOT standards of US Department of Transportation and ECE standards of European Commission. Roadone Tire suits for the actual domestic road transportation and can fully satisfy the market demands.
  Tongli Tire Company dedicates to promote quality and efficiency of Chinese industrial tire market and further accelerate transformation and upgrading. Tongli Tire Company will continue to create value for our customers with superb technology, advanced products and superior service. The company will strive to make it the global major industrial tire production base to improve the overall technological level of Chinese tire industry and contribute to promote the efficient and safe operation of the logistics transportation.
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